Our activities


Our services in this area include:


Corporate and commercial diagnostics and Pre-investment examination (Due Diligence)
Development and deployment of a strategy
Support in entering the market
Corporate restructuring and development
Optimization of business processes
Financial and management reporting model development 
Automation of financial and operational processes.


SOLIS Management effectively manages projects by providing the full range of services in this area, including consultancy services in terms of enterprises effective project management implementation, building project management systems, outsourcing project management, etc.


SOLIS Management provides commercial, administrative and technical management of various assets, including property management. The main purpose of asset management is to ensure the maximum of possible income and smooth operations, minimizing management and operation costs, ensuring maximum comfort for the use of the facility.


Business management services may include:


Performing powers of the executive body

Legal and accounting support

Recruiting a project team

Developing integrated models of reorganization and restructuring companies, building effective managing and corporate structures

Participation in defining business strategy, business plan development

Construction and optimization of organizational structures and business processes

Building a system of control and supervision of the company, representation of corporate interests in relations with partners